Crimson’s Creative Challenge #208

It’s amazing how Crispina comes up with a new picture week after week for god know’s how many years …

“Stop the horses father, there’s another piece of wood.” Charles pulled the reigns and brought the horses to a huffing stop. Michael jumped off the wagon and grabbed the log he had seen. He tossed it onto the wagon to the rest of the firewood they had gathered. Then he climbed back up on the coach stand and they trotted home.

Back at home mother was already waiting for them, as she needed wood for the stove. When Priscilla filled the combustion chamber she halted and said “How am I going to get this log in?”

The log jumped out of her hand, turned round and snarled “Can I give you a hand Milady?”, then it snorted and blew blue flames into the chamber.

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