Crimson’s Creative Challenge #200

Number 200 of Crispinas ever challenging challenges

The genie thought it would never be released. The condition for it was that the bottle should be put in the very centre of the Fens by new moon on a 24th of April in a leap year placed there by a pregnant virgin of unquestionable virtue. So it spent its imprisonment in bars and cellars, of roman taverns and judaic caverns. Until there came a carpenter who was looking for a nice bottle to give to his fiancée. The fiancée had not felt too well lately and the priest had ordered her to go to a faraway place in the land of Merica far in the west because she was with child and it needed blessings from the wise man of Albion. After a few days of donkey riding and a rough sail over the channel, they arrived in the Fens where a Briton leader took care of them. He prescribed the fincée a bath in a pond near his mound. She took the bottle, that her loving fiancé had given to her, waded into the water and as she arrived in the middle there was a pop and out came genie exclaiming: “Jesus, who are you then?”. “I am the mother of god … know’s who”.

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