Crimson’s Creative Challenge #182

Crispinas ever trickier challenge:

Noah had gathered all the planks of the Port casks that he could find in the whiskey distillery he had worked for for so long. Time had been of paramount importance, since by Beltane Moon the big flood would cover the Lowlands and make Ben Nevis an island. Since the wood was not enough for a barge big enough to carry all of his flock and family, he also had to use flint for the base. Looking out of the window now, he realised that he flood had been nothing but a drizzle. That’s for prophecies then. Being cuddled up with all his loved ones he murmured: “Let’s play the fiddle, since we got a dance hall after all!”

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Don Esperanza

I am learning every day and I am leaning every way but at the end of the day I come back home

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