Crimson’s Creative Challenge #88

My contribution to Crispina Kemps Wednesday challenge…

Rolling the dices was my grandfathers favourite pastime. It was at one of those late night Pub gambles when he realised that he had forgotten to take his gambling pennies. The only money he had was that for the Sunday roast he was asked to get the next morning. He was already half a pound in debt. So he asked the publican if he could put it on his list. The publican however neyd at that and said “you lift that dice out of my front yard and I will pay for all your debts”. So out he went spit in his hands got on the forklift truck half hidden in the barn and moved the giant concrete dice right out on the meadow.

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Don Esperanza

I am learning every day and I am leaning every way but at the end of the day I come back home

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