Crimson’s Creative Challenge #82

My contribution to Crispina Kemps Wednesday challenge…

Doreen, can you please close the shutters bevor we go?
Will do Chester can you wait for me at the fields?
Whistling a Jig Chester strolled down to the fields lighting a cigarette. Doreen came after him in her high heels with a little hand bag. Right let’s go then. They walked for a long mile hand in hand until they got to the harbor. Today the Queen Mary set sails for the West Indies with the band playing merry tunes. All the locals came to watch and wave little flags. As Doreen and Chester stood next to the gangway the captain came along and asked if they would like a short tour of the ship. Certainly they would and followed him on board. As they reached the bridge with the captain happily babbling the ship horn hooted loudly. With a jerk the ship came loose and off it steamed. Stopp shouted Doreen we need to get off! Dreadfully sorry said the captain. That’s my fault I forgot that we had an early departure, but be my guests. Chester looked at Doreen with a smirk, just as well you closed the shutters…

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Don Esperanza

I am learning every day and I am leaning every way but at the end of the day I come back home

14 Gedanken zu „Crimson’s Creative Challenge #82“

      1. That’s good. I’d hate to think the young woman was abducted from her home for the sake and of this story, and that she didn’t enjoy her changed life. 🙂

      2. They settled there and built a cocktail bar on the beach only at Christmas time they thought about their old home but never regreted the “abduction” by the mindless captiain.

      3. I love making up stories and most of the time I don’t know where they head. Another twist would be that Chester had a deal with the captain and wanted to get ouf the the reach of his in-laws…

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